1001 Movies to See Before You Die

I recently finished a poster collage for a client. It involved over 1000 posters and quite a bit of fiddling in indesign but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

1001 movies

I promise I’m going to update this more often this summer, really.

Website – Accurate Cut Construction

By necessity more than anything I’ve been wetting my beak in the web design world lately. I recently got to a place in this build  that I feel comfortable sharing it. It was a bit of a struggle, and entirely more code work than I was hoping for, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up.



The site is for a local Southern California General Contractor. We went with a portfolio/photo style site as a way for him to stand out in the community of contractors. Since most need site merely as a lead capture and online business card, I pitched that he show off his projects and potentially start a blog highlighting his earnest, kind and straight talking personality. http://www.accuratecutconstruction.com/ I would love to hear thoughts, comments or suggestions.

Thanks, Blake

*EDT* Wooo! 150 posts!

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Don’t Hassle The Moff


I recently put this silly pop mashup onto my society 6 store. They really take the headache out of the equation on these sillier ideas.

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Freelance – FUMA Football Mania

Final Gold Jpeg


Tonight I was scanning through my design folder and I remembered this freelance job I did 9 long months ago. I looked them up and it appears the succeeded in launching their app and page. It’s always nice to see that my ideas are still being used and that they are pursuing their goals.

This was my first project using oDesk, which is a lovely platform, but suffers from a glut of potential supply, causing me to loose interest instead of fight the horde. I really did enjoy working for these guys though.

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Freelance – Pinball Marketing

I really liked how this information sheet turned out. It’s dense, but that’s often the case with a one sheet with as broad a scope as this, so I was mostly happy that I was able to inject the “fun” elements of a pinball machine they requested while keeping it classy.

Rough 2-01

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Freelance – Leobella

I had the chance to work on some photo editing for Leobella’s swanky new website. Part of what I love about freelancing is the strange roads it often takes you down.

leobella desktop

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I’m going to be printing a new set of buffalo shirts on american apparel 2001 tees and I’m looking for color suggestions. Let me know which you think is the ugliest/best!

*EDIT* Blue is now fore sale: http://bsshop.bigcartel.com

Brown on Lemon Brown on Turquiose Brown on Poppy Brown on Mint Brown on Lime

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Week 45 – Batman!


Welcome back for Week 45, this week is about superheros. Now my original idea was going be a superhero logo redesign but I finally decided on creating any icon for a superhero of your choice.

My Designs:

Batman-01Batman retro-01

I was going for that hard shadow look that has been popular lately.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a freelance designer.

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