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Call Me Ishmael

I’ve still been playing too much CS:GO, but at least I’m learning something along the way.

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Hanzo Sushi

I put the idea of the shirt together a while ago but it was never quite right. A couple days ago it clicked and I was able to finish it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for following my sporadic bloggings and checking out my stuff. The first person to comment with the movie reference gets a 15% off code!

hanzo sushi shirt


Available now at

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The Chopping Block

I started Obscurtees almost a year ago, so I figure it’s probably time to do a bit of spring cleaning. To accomplish this I’ve created a chopping block section for my store. Its time for these tees to take a break or go to a farm up north where they can run free, but you have a chance to save them! Advocate on their behalf either commenting here or through social media shares in the next 2 weeks on the following tees will keep them alive and get you a 15% discount to purchase one:

As always thank you for following and looking at my little projects come to life.

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Summer Shirts

It might be a reaction to the god awful remake trailer I saw a month ago, it might just be because I smile every time they run by Dive n Surf during the chase scene and that my group of friends use the term “Utah, make it two” to ask for a beer; whatever the reason, I made a bunch of Point Break shirts recently.

dead-presidents-surf-club-navy I-Walk-Away kamikaze utah

As always they are available at my storenvy shop:

Or Etsy – if your into that sort of thing.

Thanks for looking!

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Two new posters / prints I did for my good friend Albert at Veerout Dynamics in Santa Barbara, California. He’s my screen printer and all around awesome guy to do business with. On top of that he contributes a ton to the local community and to the Special Olympics. Be sure to check them out

veer out art deco

veerout dynamics

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Threadless is having a Peanuts contest and I decided to throw my hat in the ring as a way of generating interest. Plus the 5k grand prize would be pretty awesome. I’m sure most of you know how it works, I need people to rate the shirt for it to have a chance of getting made.


I Want To Believe, a cool t-shirt design


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