Show Me Your Moves


I had some fun illustrating this request. All I was told was “Captain Falcon Helmet and Skull”

I think it came out pretty cool, looking like some kind of neotokyo biker gang logo.

It was also pointed out it might be a perfect Imperial Guard emblem. I didn’t think about the fact that the two look so similar.

Phoenix AUG Skin Update

I received some constructive feedback from the internet (I know, right?!) last night at made some tweaks to the design. I felt like I hit a pretty good spot this morning and submitted it here:

If you happen to have a steam account I would love to get a vote, otherwise thanks for looking!

pheonix_cover phoenix-1 phoenix-3 phoenix-4

Another Weapon Skin

I’m definitely getting the hang of building weapon skins in cs:go. It’s been a fun filler project between work and art stuff that I don’t want to show off until actually done. This WIP still needs a few things but it coming along nicely.

pheonix skin

Call Me Ishmael

I’ve still been playing too much CS:GO, but at least I’m learning something along the way.


I’ve been playing a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive lately so I decided to try my hand at the steam workshop:

mac10-2 mac10-1

Hanzo Sushi

I put the idea of the shirt together a while ago but it was never quite right. A couple days ago it clicked and I was able to finish it. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Thanks for following my sporadic bloggings and checking out my stuff. The first person to comment with the movie reference gets a 15% off code!

hanzo sushi shirt


Available now at


Two new posters / prints I did for my good friend Albert at Veerout Dynamics in Santa Barbara, California. He’s my screen printer and all around awesome guy to do business with. On top of that he contributes a ton to the local community and to the Special Olympics. Be sure to check them out

veer out art deco

veerout dynamics