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5 From Beyond the Thunderdome

1. Want to save your community in the post apocalyptic wasteland?


2. Chainmail is the new black!


3. It’s going to be fine

4. Math will still be important


5. But not as important as a healthy fear of nuclear weapons

A Canticle for Leibowitz USA

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5 From the Net Friday

1. You could avoid Black Friday entirely by shopping at my store

2. Sweet Adorable Death

3. The preview image is my life

4. Cool idea but not enough water marking and paper variation

5. It’s kind of refreshing to know you will never be this gnarly

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5 From the Net Friday: it just might get you some karma on reddit

1. Last night I dreamed about riding an old timey bike around a park.

2. Awesome

3. Death to (bad and unnecessary) CGI!

4. If you’ve ever tried to do silkscreens on your own these will make your jaw drop

5. Guess it is becoming a trend, also LINKCEPTION

Sorry I’ve been lagging behind but with the move and hunkering down for a real job, the blog has been on the back-burner   I’ve shifted gears a bit and will have a new 52 weeks on Monday, hopefully putting me back on schedule.

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