Rage against the blogosphere

Job update:

I got a test project from the skateboard brand Enjoi on Thursday night, which is awesome.  I’m not going to post it just because I really don’t know how those things work legally, but I like how it turned out.  I am a bit worried since I realized at the last minute they were emphasizing illustration and I went more graphic art. Even though I like what I turned in, it could have been more awesome if it hadn’t coincided with the UCSB Water Ski Team’s alumni weekend and I didn’t get sick from said lake trip.  Most of the shenanigans involved are better left unsaid, but it was a lot of fun and I got to ski on the course for the first time in months, which felt great.

Personal/Freelance update:

As of yesterday I’m on the final stretch of the art project I teased at last week.  The text is done, the background needs a little tweaking and now I just need to do three more.  I’m wondering if I should just post them one by one or wait until the set is finished.

I guess I hit a sweet spot with my batch of resumes because I received all kinds of comments and inquiries into work based off last weeks post.  Thank you everyone that took a look, hopefully you’re here this week too.  As always I would love to hear comments and I am available for freelance work, design or otherwise.

I hate that I can’t include any art for fear it will hurt my job chances so here is a link to one of my favorite webcomics of all time:


talk to you next week internet.

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