Late post double post everywhere a post…post

As you, the faceless throng that makes up my thousands and thousands of readers, may have noticed I did not post last Thursday.  Let me explain, last weekend was Halloween and I was already in Santa Barbara dressed as a stuntman.  It was great to go hang out with old friends and nothing beats skateboarding down an empty Del Playa on a sunny afternoon.  Sadly I had to return home on Saturday because of work.  I love to teach sailing but I hate being a slave to shitty wind conditions, damn you santa anna’s!  From there I’ve been in kind of a rut this week so here is a picture that made me smile:

I have a little update/sneak peek number 2 on my secret project:

The list.

Best Halloween costume : Swedish girl being a german, I have to be honest the costume was fairly normal and not even slutty or anything but she was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

Advertising campaign of the week: Volcom Jeans

Best movie I saw last week: Toss up, Pirates 4 or Red State

Coolest job I applied to last week: Ernie Ball

Multi-million dollar contracts offered to me: still zero

What I am most stoked about right now: The rad ass hoodie that is holding my Mammoth MVP Pass

Days until opening weekend: 7

Now I remember what I was going to rant about…fuck, maybe I will double dip this week to make up for last Thursday.

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