I am Jacks review of a webcomic

I installed roughly 78 windows this week.  While I enjoy construction it made me remember how much I want to get a design job.  I miss being creative for money.  My post is a day late and real short as a result:

Mitch Clem needs to sell out.  In many ways he embodies everything I want to be.  He is an independent artist who creates awesome album art and shirts for awesome bands, a true punk rock nerd.  He is also seems to be eternally broke and completely unappreciated, so I’m sticking to being a stodge for my paycheck.  I first learned about him through Nothing Nice to Say, his hilarious webcomic that has introduced me to some amazing bands and usually makes me realize I don’t listen to enough music.  It starts off pretty rough mostly because, like the vast majority of web comics, the art sucked.  He eventually figured out how to draw and the style Mitch developed has become my visual reference for punk rock.  This is a great time to become a regular reader because the comic just started up again.  After a 2 year hiatus he finally got smart and got a co writer to help him actually produce the comic.  I really suggest going through the whole archives if you are or have ever been a fan of punk rock.  I want to link some of my favorites but I feel like it would allow you all to cliff note the guy.

Also in case by some unearthly coincidence he sees this, bring back the “IT HAS BEGUN” shirts.  I missed out on them and I want one.

Blake’s weekly list

Job offers: 1 email reply from an unpaid internship (fingers crossed)

Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation I’ve seen since September: ~137

Episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation I tell people I’ve seen: “I think I saw that one with the fuzzy things once, or was that the other star trek…I mean I don’t know what you are talking about”

Life lesson learned this week: Preparation and a good tool belt means not walking more than you need to

Best food I ate: The enchiladas Raphael brought to work today

Cool shit I found on the internet:



That’s all for this week, I hope you enjoyed it.

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