Hardcore Folk Punk

90 windows installed and caulked in the last 4 days.  I am exausted physically and drained of all motivation to think creatively or even write something drab.  I was going to talk about a couple things but I forgot…oops


Here’s some Frank Turner, he’s the best artist you’ve never heard of.

Blake’s list

New tv series: Supernatural (how did I miss this and why was it marketed to teen girls?)

New favorite invention: Impact screw gun

Amount of art/design work accomplished in the last two weeks: about 20 minutes so basically zero

Dirtyness of mustache: 7

Dirtiness of mustache considering my grown out mohawk looks like a mullet: 8.2

Dirtiness when you put me in a grocery store wearing a leather jacket: 9.6

How awesome I think all the dirtiness is: Very

Number of women I’ve impressed with my new “look”: I would say zero but that implies there are women

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