I don’t really have anything to write this week.  I worked a couple of days finishing the window install and between jury duty and the job search the week kind of got away from me.  In other news I did start doing some painting for the first time in a while.

Here’s a snapshot:

Burger of the week:

I went to a restaurant called Stacked in the Del Amo Mall.  It was a strange experience.  The burger was undeniably delicious and, as you can see from the picture, beautiful, but it was expensive.  I wouldn’t mind the price but I felt I was paying for the abstract art on the walls and ordering off the ipad menu.  The whole thing gave off the vibe of a restaurant in a late 90s romantic comedy, some place trying to be trendy and doomed to be out of business in two weeks.   On the other hand, thick cut applesmoked bacon and thin cut deep fried onions…

Quote of the week:

“George Lucas hired Harrison Ford who was installing cabinets in his kitchen, his acting career being considered a failure at that point.

Just to show you, succes can lie in a dark corner, brooding and thinking to itself: “soon”.”

Best description of a nuclear explosion ever:

I think we can all agree with Colbert on this one, it never gets old.

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