I can’t believe I only missed one week.

Dear readers,

2011 is dead long live 2011.  I spent some of this week looking back and I realized 2011 might go down as one of the most fun years of my life.  It went a little downhill at the end there, unable to find a career after leaving my job with UCSB, but overall I had some amazing adventures.

Blake’s 2011 highlights

(in chronological order not by importance):


January’s challenges (30 rack and Great American)

Finishing my senior research project

Designing the Rec the Vote Campaign

Water Ski Conference in Vegas

Making light of the worst possible conditions for a houseboat trip

Spring Water Ski Season (always a highlight and always too much I could say)

Waterski All Stars in North Carolina (including the wild romp through New York on the way there)

Graduation day/week/month


-sub highlight: Visiting the Hilsberg Vineyard, eating a home cooked lunch with the vintner and following it up with one of the best meals of my life in the little town of  Narzole.  Obviously I could write a lot about my 10 days in the country but this is a highlight list dammit.

Keeping an awesome job for 3 more months post graduation

Summer in Isla Vista living on DP with close friends

6 Man Volleyball Tournament weekend

Finding a new appreciation for good beer with old friends

Finding a love for Old Tony’s with old friends

Installing 203 windows in 10 days

Celebrating the new year in Mammoth (no snow so far) with people as dumb and crazy and fun as anyone could ask for


you have a lot to compete with and you broke my car in the first 2 days…not the best first impression.

No links or funny junk this week, I’ve been holed up in the mountains shredding gnar and hucking meat.

Happy New Year everyone.

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