With my last breath I curse my 2002 ford escort

Last week I put together my highlight reel of 2011.  I have to be honest, in doing so there was definitely a note of melancholy. My outlook on 2012 was not all that bright. I had no job, no car and no prospects of anything changing any time soon.  I’m here today to tell you my outlook has improved a lot in the last 7 days.  While I still do not have a career to speak of, I am starting to get freelance inquiries and I am once again full tilt in the hunt for jobs.  The death of my POS ford escort, and a small loan from mom, lead me to a beautiful 1999 burgundy Toyota Tacoma 4×4.  I spent a bunch of time brushing up on html/css.  It turns out I know more than I thought, so if you need someone to maintain your site I am your man.  Finally, I’m mere hours away from having a working Buffalo Shirt screen print so get your Paypal accounts ready because I’m going into business.  With how busy I’ve been this week I kind of forgot to put together an article for my blog so here is a self-portrait, a link, a quote, and a list:

Something that helps me stay motivated. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ResTHKVxf4

Creative Fields joke of the week:

There’s an old joke about a musician who has a band that plays weddings and parties. He gets asked last-minute to play a Saturday night wedding but the bride-to-be scoffs at his price.

The musician says, “I’ll tell you what: you call six union plumbers and ask them what it would cost to come out to your house and work on something for seven hours on a Saturday night. I’ll play your wedding for half that.”

Blake’s List

Silk Screen’s purchased: 3

Silk Screen’s ruined: 1

Times I put the negative on the screen upside down or backwards: 2

Girls Alex should have got a phone number from: … never mind that’s too vague

Girls Alex obviously should have got a phone number from: 1

How awesome the Poop Deck is: so awesome

How I’m doing on my Steam Sale video game backlog: I played tf2 instead.  What can I say, I love hats.

Coolest thing I saw someone else do: Cyclops Rock “Optimism”

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