Big Messy Delicious Update

I realize last weeks post was fairly lacking so I’m going to try to make up for it this week with a buttload of art and some words.

Work Update

Freelance work often takes you in interesting directions.  Lately a lot of my stuff seems to be Star Wars based.  Between shirt ideas and custom birthday presents Lucas’s movies seem to be following me.  The later of those two lead me to make 3 pieces this week.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with them but I’m really happy with how they turned out:

I was inspired by 30s and 40 era travel posters.  As always I’d love to hear feedback in the comments section or by email.

Life Update

On January 13th Gallery 1988, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in LA, opened a show with art inspired by Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.  Alex and I decided to go to the opening and were surprised to find getting their on time was way too late.  There was a line half way down the block to get into the small shop on Melrose.  Our tardiness meant I missed out on and awesome Olly Moss poster but we made our presence known and I did pick up this great Shallow Gravy piece by Kevin Tong:

I also neglected to mention I saw NOFX on January 17th at the House of Blues on Sunset.  I neglected to mention it in my blog because I was too excited about my store up and I just finished my biggest freelance project to date.  Anyway the show was all you could ever want out of a NOFX show.  There was drunken buffoonery, drug use, fighting, and that was just the band.  They played a great set which included a collaboration with Old Man Markley and The Decline in full.  If you’ve never heard of the decline stop reading this right now, click on that link I just put in the last sentence and experience something unique in punk rock.  The Decline is a 20 minute opus touching on themes of ambivalence, corruption, violence and intolerance all under the umbrella of the decline of American Culture.  I always hoped I’d get to see them play it live at some point so the concert went from a fun show to something truly special.

Now that you are back up to date, I don’t really have much to talk about this week.  Alex and I went to Mammoth Mountain to shred some gnar. It was the first real snow of the year which is always exciting but it was nothing crazy in the grand scheme of things.  I had a chance to ski with Luke and Skip Wintter who are always fun to see.  We went to the Mammoth Brewing Company and sampled their beers. We stayed with the UCSB alpine team who are always fun to hang out with, Alex made a bunch of friends with the UCLA team. Overall it a was a great adventure.

Beer Update

As you may have noticed I am really plugging in to this whole personal website, blog, social networking thing.  It was inevitable that Me, Alex and my two friends would always drunkenly talk about starting vlogs and podcasts would eventually actually make something.  Last week we finally put pixels to monitor in what will hopefully be a weekly beer review.  Basically we drink and write at the same time.  It’s almost entirely unfiltered, tons of fun, and I’m excited to see how it progresses.   Check out our blog “Beer Me” at

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  1. Hey Blake,

    I’m digging the Star Wars pieces. They’re way rad. Killer color choice, clean and minimal (yet effective) design. I think you really communicated the personality of the planets…

    There are a few things I think you might be able to do better, though–but they are rather minor. In the Tatooine image, the “welcome to” text almost looks like it’s angled back, or even not perfectly horizontal; I think this might just be an optical illusion, though since “Tatooine” has so much slant to it; you might want to just angle the top text slightly more to the right to lessen the illusion (that, or just have it the same angle as “Tatooine.”

    Second, in the Endor image, I think the “Brought to you by…” text is a little distracting–it pulls my eyes away from the rest of the image. I think it might be because it is too high, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s part of the design or more of just a footer (unlike the other two, which worked nicely).

    Third, I think the word “to” in the Endor poster is a little difficult to read. This might just be a size issue with the design being posted online.

    Way cool though, you nailed the design.

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