Sadly, I do not have a new travel poster to show off today.  I knew this day would come, actually I’m surprised I kept pumping out those travel posters as fast as I did.  As the title indicates I have been very busy between interviews, coaching and test projects but those are just excuses; I drained the well for non-earth subjects at the moment.  Maybe next week I’ll have some more.  For this weeks three posts I’m going to show off some other works while I try to get a new project going.  Most recent in my freelance endeavors was the chance to do a painting.

The client wanted the forest moon of Endor but didn’t want it to be overtly Star Wars fan wankary.  I’m coming down to the finish line on this so I thought I’d share it now.  I’d love some input on how to incorporate Star Wars imagry with subtly.

Thanks for look!

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  1. That’s a tough question…I think the difficult thing is not ruining the atmosphere of the painting, so maybe something subtle like the shadow of a treehouse or suspended walkway, or either one of those way off in the distance…something very still, at least.
    You know? Just an idea.

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