Long Time No See

Hi everyone,

as you may have noticed I did not update last week.  I instead went to Las Vegas for my friends 21 birthday, came home and immediately left for 5 days of snowboarding in Mammoth Mountain.  It was a long adventure fueled week and a nice break from sitting in from of the computer.  You also might have noticed I didn’t really post much this week, that is the result of starting up work again in the retrofit window installation business.  Monday we put in 32 and Tuesday we managed to install 40 so I was a bit too tired to come up with something to write for my self-imposed Tuesday deadline.  Now that I got the excuses out-of-the-way, let’s get back to business.

Last week while in Mammoth they opened up the top of the mountain for the second time in the 15 odd days I’ve made it up there this season.  Obviously it was a mad dash for nubile lines, powder, and the chance to shred some gnar.  To my own dismay I was not in an opportune position to hit said freshies, but after what felt like and hour of traversing and lower mountain lifts I made it to Chair 23.  It was decision time and I decided I’d be better off taking a lap down one of the shoots under 23 instead of headed over to Paranoid Flattes…the whole I’m on the lift it stared at me with mocking allure.  I knew I would be stuck down at main while the top got all chopped up but I had to go. As I walked along the ridge line toward the farthest drop in, I had a stunning realization.  That little piece of earth is one of my favorite places in the world. Many of you know I’m a fairly active guy and love doing things outdoors, but I’ve never felt the reverence and spirituality for nature that many around me always seem to talk about until that moment.  I blame two people for my moment of awe, Ken Burns and John Muir.  More specifically the Ken Burns documentary on our National Parks who constantly reference Muir’s writings no the sublime nature of the Sierra Navada region.  Looking out toward the Grand Tetons I felt on top of the world, fully aware of the 500 foot peak right behind me.  Anyway, it was really cool and then I fell halfway down the shoot on my second turn because I clipped a covered rock with the front edge of my board, sushi rolling out of it with a big stupid grin on my face.  I guess that’s life.

I can’t really justify this as a design post. I promise to have something for Tuesday.

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