Bands, Brothers, Bears…Battlestar Galactica


Last night Alex took me to an Andrew Jackson Jihad Concert at the Troubadour in LA.  Andrew Jackson Jihad killed it and the fact that the crowd was ecstatic to see them was icing on the cake.  For those that don’t know, AJJ is a folk punk group that combines the classic Americana of Woody Guthrie with growing in love with 80s hardcore inspired punk rock.  They are so joyous their blatant sarcasm and raw energy, I can’t believe they aren’t a gigantic success as a band.  As with many bands like this recorded tracks really don’t do them justice.

Another highlight of the night was the opener ROAR.  We only caught the last half of their set but their lead singer has some crazy vocal pipes.  I’m definitely buying their album and hope to see them again next time they are in town.

Flightless Bird

Much like Andrew Jackson Jihad the recordings don’t do justice to the fullness of their sound, the lead singers voice or the energy they exuded on stage.


The key to Ramen, take random thing you can find in your refrigerator and add it!


As with last week I’ve been pretty busy.  I’m still working the window job and I had an interview in Palm Springs this afternoon.  I have a couple rough ideas for a water ski shirt for a client so I thought I’d share a thumbnail from that:


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