The Great Outdoors

Life News

I got a job!

I’m going to spend the next several months (May to October) in Mammoth Lakes as a digital production intern for Devils Postpile National Park.  I’m excited at the opportunity to build my resume, broaden my skill set, combine my love of design with the outdoors, and do as much snowboarding / mountain biking / rock climbing as time and my body will allow.  Plus it’s a paid internship, fighting against the slave labor entry-level positions have become, so I’ve got that going for me.  The only real question at this point is if I can snag one of those awesome ranger hats.

Design News

Over the last couple days I did a little spring cleaning to my site.  I fixed some dead links, and expanded my storefront to include a link to my new gallery at  I now have a platform to easily sell my prints in varying sizes to anyone and ship anywhere.  So far the only thing I have on there are my travel posters.  Check it out, maybe there is a geek in your life that needs some art on their wall.

Now that you know where I’m going to be all summer, give me a call if your up there.

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