In the past 6 months I learned a lot about beer.  It’s largely due to my friend Paul who was working in the beer/wine/cheese department at a local gourmet grocery store and started to bring craft brews when we would hang out.  One thing lead to another and we turned it into a bit of a poorly spelled, poorly planned, beer review blog full of so many tangents and inside jokes it often becomes incomprehensible. Since none of us knew much about beer at the time Alex and I tended to choose new beers to try based off the label art and vaguely the style of beer we are in the mood for.  So far it lead us to strange and interesting experiences in the world of craft beer.  In our journey of beerscovery I stumbled upon a couple of brands that really struck me from a design perspective.  Some of them were a given, but Great Divide Brewing based in Colorado stands above the rest.

The textures, color choices, bold typography are stand outs even in the brewery label game, but there is something more that keeps catching my eye and influencing me long after the bottle is recycled.  Great Divide hit on the Americana of our national park system.  The label reminds me of camping, rangers, hikes and adventure; but not like climbing Everest adventure, more like the first time you see a bear kind of adventure.  Even if you don’t drink beer I highly recommend you take a good long look at one of their bottles next time you’re in the store.

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