I totally forgot today was Tuesday.  Between recovering from a trip to Mammoth for some spring skiing, filling out my internship contracts and forms, and panicking because I had not done my state taxes yet, I lost track of time.  Instead here are reminders of stuff I’m doing and selling and working on:

Scott Pilgrim shirt contest: https://www.welovefine.com/vote.php?id_contest=10#/id_submit=2575

My Society6 shop: http://society6.com/BSmisko

I feel whorish for asking but any sort of upvotes/like/ratings would be really helpful.

I’m also working on a California themed poster for my friends airstream trailer, a Dukes of Hazard themed shirt and finishing touches on a UCLA team shirt.  While not directly involved, my friend is also working on tall tee versions of the “Beam Team” shirt, which I am completely stoked on and if anyone is interested shoot me an email.

Thanks for reading,

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