52 Weeks of Design: Week 2

Hey I actually made it to week two!  Anyway here was the task:


Task: This weeks challenge is to design a poster for your ultimate gig. Consider such restrictions as the band’s or artist’s pre-existing look and feel, and the target audience of your poster.

Your poster should include the headline act, support bands (if applicable), the gig’s location and your own fictional additional details and information about the event.

If you wish to challenge yourself even further, try designing a poster for a band or artist that you’re not a fan of.


This idea is really simple but has been rattling around in my head for a while. I ended up using a mouse to “write” most of the text because I thought it conveyed an authenticity in the rushed style most set lists are written out.

At first I wanted to just have the set list and a date because I would think making this a secret show or letting it spread virally would be much more fun from a promotional standpoint.  I picked the Rotary Club because it fit in with the whole, “fuck it lets play a reunion show tomorrow” theme I had in my head.

As always thanks for taking a look.

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