52 Weeks of Design: Week 3

According to 52 weeks of design I joined a little while back, week three of this marathon was to develop a business card.

Here is the official prompt:

This week’s theme is business cards. Design a business card for you, your company, your user name, a made up company, whatever you’d like.

Business cards vary significantly in style, size, shape, content, etc, but some considerations are the hierarchy of information, having your design clearly relate to the company, and making it engaging enough to stand out from the thousands of other business card designs out there.

I cheated a little bit since I’d had this idea for a personal card for a long time, but it was an excuse to finally put it together.

The logo is my personal mark as you can see from the site background; a B and an S that exist simultaneously. For the font I went with Futura, partially because it’s one of my favorite fonts and because it reminds me of big science from the mid 20th century which is something that definitely influences all my work.  I kept it simple with just a link to this site and my email, since that’s really the best way to get a hold of me, and a blank back so I can write my number or any other information if necessary.

I would like to get these printed on a letterpress so that you get that real high quality textural feel of the card and heavy paper stock, but that is really expensive so for now I’m going for something I can afford. I threw the drop shadow to help show it since it’s white on a white background I wasn’t sure the border would be enough.

As always I’d love to hear what you think and thanks for looking

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