52 Weeks of Design: Week 9

Task: This weeks’ challenge is to design a billboard for a fictional company.

The first option is ‘Bartman Bank’. Their billboard should include their logo, and the following copy text. Pay attention to the required themes and imagery, but you have full creative control.

Copy text: “Do we put our customers first? You can bank on it.”

Themes and imagery: In the wake of the whole banking crisis, Bartman really want to come off as friendly. Using warm colours and photographs of happy customers, try to make the billboard less corporate than other banks’ ads.

Your billboard must include the company’s included logo. Please download this zip folder:http://www.mediafire.com/?ah56b96x87vsj4y containing each of the two logos in both .psd and .png file types. [Logo previews: http://imgur.com/a/ug9Mv]

Their logos may be edited and transformed in anyway, other than font and content. They can be of any size, and of any colour.

I really liked the logo I was given and thought efforts to include stock sports photos just made it look too specific.  The swooshes on the left create a kinetic feel in conjunction with the “play, win.” tag line and yes I know it doesn’t “pop”

I think of this as more of a universal branding effort that would work as a billboard anywhere in the country.

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