Smog City Logo Contest

Smog City Brewing recently had a contest for their first ever anniversary ale.  I love smog city.    They exemplify eating and drinking local and also have a really cool logo. Smog City beers are brewed on a professional 15bbl system at the Tustin Brewing Co. They are currently technically a brand of Tustin Brewing Co, but recently acquired our own space in Torrance and will be expanding into it over the next 6 months.  Anyway, Alex Smisko told me about it Sunday night and I found out they were making a decision Monday.  Since the prompt was fairly specific (Greys Anatomy style saber tooth squirrel skull with a candle) I decided to give it ago anyway.  Here is how far I got in the few hours between finding out an emailing it to them at 10:30 pm.

There is more I would like to do on it so if anyone reading is from smog city hit me up.

Designing is a 2 way street, which is why contests suck.

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