52 Weeks of Design: Week 25 and 26

For week 25 we just posted something we’d done outside of the challenges so I showed off my travel posters, which I have available in all kinds of shapes and sizes including t-shirts.

For week 26


Prepare for a new year by taking your top resolution and turning it into a graphic piece. Posters are suggested in the title, but anything is welcome.

Maybe you remind yourself to drink more water by designing a ‘DRINK MORE WATER’ coaster for your desk. Or designing a ‘START JOGGING’ sign to hang by your shoe bin at home….just try to capture whatever the goal is in some sort of graphic representation.

Here are some examples for inspiration.[1]

Good luck and Happy (early) New Year!

Week 26-01-01


I’m planning to use Code Academy and might even make it a weekly blog post to help motivated myself.

Thanks for looking, and as always comments and critiques are welcome.


  1. 1. Never use and kind of style tags in your html. I will cut you. That’s what CSS is for.
    2. You’re missing the tag
    3. I recommend this http://learncss.tutsplus.com/ (it’s what I used to learn, it rocks, it’s easy to follow, the teacher is excellent, and you get the added bonus of learning css, which you really should learn at the same time if you’re learning html. And it’s html5.)

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