52 Weeks of Design: Week 27

I’m Back!  Sorry for the hiatus.


If there was an app that let you launch instantly into the top 5 activities you spend your free time on, what would the shortcuts or icons on your desktop / mobile device look like for each?

E.G. if one of your favorite passtimes was snowboarding you’d develop a snowboarding icon, and when you press it you’re instantly transported to some fresh powder runs on Blackcomb Glacier.

Or if the activity is picking your nose, go there.

Create a set of icons for your life.

Merit Badge Update-01

So I kind of went for more of a merit badge kind vibe.  I realize some of these wouldn’t scale well, but I really like how they look. If I was going to move to a mobile resolution/size I’d simplify the water and reddit badges.

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