52 Weeks of Design – Week 33


his week we’ll be diving further in web/interface design. Your challenge is to create an interface for a music player.

This can be Windows Media Player, iTunes, an Android Music Player app, a MP3-Player interface.. basically anything that plays music and has an interface.. mkay?

Here is a list of resources/inspiration:

Android MP3 Interface


I decided to take a shot a making an app for one of my favorite social music sites, This is My Jam, where people post the song their favorite song of the day/week/moment. After friending enough people you can get a decently varied, ever changing playlist going, which is where the app comes in.  My main goal was to retain the feel of the site while stripping the funtionality down to just your playlist and the social things you can do while listening to that playlist.

this is my jam-01

Thanks for taking a look,


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