52 Weeks of Design – Week 34


Good day Designers, how is your Monday coming along?

This week we will be designing an ad for the object that is on your right right now. Please be real about it though, for example on the right of my desk you have the following items:

My HTC Sensation phone, a pen, an empty glass, a lamp, the book 1984 and a MP3 to USB port cable. Now an ad for an empty glass or a USB cable might not be as interesting. So pick one of these that will look good in an ad!

Be creative with it!

Inspiration and Resources

The size may be anything of course, it could be a gigantic billboard poster to an ad on Reddit to a tv commercial (still image). If you plan on printing it, make sure it’s the right size (just google “poster size”) and to use 300 ppi!

Week 34-01

I got this hat last spring at a rail jam in Hermosa Beach. I love it and tried to find a way explain which south bay they are talking about. It’s still rough around the edges, but I also think it easily would fit as an as in a skateboard magazine.

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