Week 36 – Corn Flakes


Hello Designers,

In this challenge we will redesign a product you like, but with a twist! Spring is coming and in your challenge, your main colour HAS to be one of the following:

  • Spring Red – #e84035
  • Violet – #b89dc6
  • Light Green – #bed056

Let me explain. Perhaps, I really like Kellogg’s cornflakes, this is what it looks like now [1] . In the challenge I would create a new look for Kellog’s using these spring colours. This does NOT mean that you have to create a new logo, but you could create a new cornflakes design package that features one (or more) of these colours. Keep in mind shades of white and black are allowed too.

Basically anything that you use would work, be creative with it!



week 36-01

I decided to stay literal and go for a corn flakes box redesign. Straightforward, bold and it uses all three colors. I’d love to hear your thoughts and thanks for reading.

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