Week 38 – Dutch 811


Tomorrow, 30th of April is Queensday in Holland. It’s the day we (officially) celebrate the birth of Queen Juliana (our former queen). This Queensday is special because Beatrix, our current Queen will resign and we will have a new King – Willem Alexander. To celebrate, we will design a new website for the Dutch royal family.

Requirements: The main colour HAS to be bright orange, it’s a tradition that mustn’t be broken. The website should display information regarding the current activities of the Royal family (just make something up if you want).

This is the current royal website[1] , but you can do better of course.

First I vectored and recolored the seal which took a while so I stopped there:

Landing Page

I added a example page to show what it would look like in action:

News Page

After some berating from colleagues I made some edits:

News Page 2-01

My goal was to create a more simple blogroll style site that would make it easier to incorporate web 2.0 functionality while maintaining a formal look. Thoughts, comments and critiques are always welcome.

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