I’ve been messing around with this mario inspired idea for a bit, I’m like 90% done with it but I’m still not sure why I can’t say I’m dontubeheart-colors-v.jpge.

Cold Coffee Company

Logo created for cold brew coffee subscription box surface.


Snug as a pug in a rug

I saw this Threadless contest and decided I had to take a shot at it.


Check it out and leave a review!


The Stolen Century

I just finished up the latest chapter of The Adventure Zone this week and decided to put together a couple poster concepts.


Yub Nub


yubnub-squareInspired by Return of the Jedi and Full Metal Jacket.

July Obscurtee Releases

A hook inspired summer. All available at www.obscurtees.com


Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode was pretty emotional.

In my post-episode dive into the internet to find out as much as possible I found this awesome story: https://ventrellaquest.com/2014/04/20/got-got/

So Monday I started working on this:


Thanks for reading!

Just don’t call him a monkey

New threadless submission for a general wall art contest. Its pretty random, but I want to believe this ape is a certain librarian.

Nothing To See Here, a cool t-shirt design

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