Week 45 – Batman!


Welcome back for Week 45, this week is about superheros. Now my original idea was going be a superhero logo redesign but I finally decided on creating any icon for a superhero of your choice.

My Designs:

Batman-01Batman retro-01

I was going for that hard shadow look that has been popular lately.

Thanks for looking and please feel free to contact me if you are looking for a freelance designer.

Week 44 – Chronicle Studios


Hello remaining members of /r/52WeeksOfDesign[1] it has become obvious that no mods are posting new challenges, so I’m taking it upon myself to post weekly challenges every Sunday. So lets get back track!

This week’s challenge is to create a logo for a fictional company called “Chronicle Studios”. The client wants a strong/bold look to their design.


My Design

52 weeks of design - week 44

This morning I decided to see where I left off and had a spark of inspiration for week 44. I wanted to do something that could work as a motion graphic like the examples provided.

As always, comments and feedback are welcome.


Week 43 – Claustrophobia


This weeks challenge is to portray one emotion through a piece of glitch art. Either by manipulating an image or starting designing from scratch. For those who are not familiar with the medium you can read the Wikipedia page

Original Image


My two glitches



It was my first try at glitch art, but I love the idea behind it and definitely plan on experimenting in the future.


Week 42 – Weather App Icon


With the reveal of iOS7 and the following criticisms, your challenge this week is to redesign the icon of one default iOS7 app.

Choose any of the following shown apps:


This challenge was difficult because, like many, I was not a fan of the ios7 redesign. Since the task was to only redesign one app not the whole thing I still had to make it fit with the over all look of the operating system. One aspect that was especially grating was the gradient overlapping on the weather app icon and so I put together a few mock ups of what I think is a stronger icon.

Mock ups

Thanks for looking!

Week 4 Redux – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Went for a second try on the Week 4 challenge. I didn’t really utilize shades of the three primary colors, plus I just started to hate how the old one looks.

Task: This weeks challenge is to redesign the cover of your favorite book, using only different shades of red, yellow and blue. Note, you must use all three colors, and the use of white and black is not allowed.


Week 4 Redux-01

Mock up:

cover mockup

Old submission: https://blakesmisko.com/2012/07/09/52-weeks-of-design-week-4/


Week 41 – “The Decline” NOFX


In this week’s challenge we’ll design an album cover. Choose a band or artist you really like and go nuts!

The Decline

The Decline by NOFX is one of my favorite songs/albums ever. It’s a sprawing punk epic lasting a little over 19 minutes and is probably the bands greatest achievement. In designing a cover for the album I wanted to stay true to the spirit of the song which, while dark, is very much steeped in americana.

Week 2 – Redux

I was looking though my past challenges to see if I could make the whole thing a portfolio project. Week 2  looked especially lazy so I went back and redid the poster in a much more traditionally ska/punk style.

Week 2 try 2

also, silly conversion error that looks kinda cool: