Website – Accurate Cut Construction

By necessity more than anything I’ve been wetting my beak in the web design world lately. I recently got to a place in this build  that I feel comfortable sharing it. It was a bit of a struggle, and entirely more code work than I was hoping for, but I’m pretty happy with how it’s shaping up.



The site is for a local Southern California General Contractor. We went with a portfolio/photo style site as a way for him to stand out in the community of contractors. Since most need site merely as a lead capture and online business card, I pitched that he show off his projects and potentially start a blog highlighting his earnest, kind and straight talking personality. I would love to hear thoughts, comments or suggestions.

Thanks, Blake

*EDT* Wooo! 150 posts!

Freelance – FUMA Football Mania

Final Gold Jpeg

Tonight I was scanning through my design folder and I remembered this freelance job I did 9 long months ago. I looked them up and it appears the succeeded in launching their app and page. It’s always nice to see that my ideas are still being used and that they are pursuing their goals.

This was my first project using oDesk, which is a lovely platform, but suffers from a glut of potential supply, causing me to loose interest instead of fight the horde. I really did enjoy working for these guys though.

Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club

Quick summer sailing shirt I designed for my buddies over at CBYC. I kept it simple and a little classy, something for both students, parents and coaches.



Two Shirt Designs

Two recent shirt designs, one was a retro Mtv look


and the other was a more desert/mystic themed piece.

color test 3

Look and my range!


Simple little vector graphic I put together for MPrint Swimwear to use in Santa Barbara last weekend.


52 Weeks of Design is Dead, Long Live 52 Weeks of Design

2 weeks in a row without a challenge, but I feel the need to post something today.  I recently finished, printed and shipped this commissioned print for someone to put in their Airstream trailer:


Thanks everyone!

Smog City Logo Contest

Smog City Brewing recently had a contest for their first ever anniversary ale.  I love smog city.    They exemplify eating and drinking local and also have a really cool logo. Smog City beers are brewed on a professional 15bbl system at the Tustin Brewing Co. They are currently technically a brand of Tustin Brewing Co, but recently acquired our own space in Torrance and will be expanding into it over the next 6 months.  Anyway, Alex Smisko told me about it Sunday night and I found out they were making a decision Monday.  Since the prompt was fairly specific (Greys Anatomy style saber tooth squirrel skull with a candle) I decided to give it ago anyway.  Here is how far I got in the few hours between finding out an emailing it to them at 10:30 pm.

There is more I would like to do on it so if anyone reading is from smog city hit me up.

Designing is a 2 way street, which is why contests suck.