Portfolio Update

I recently received the finalized versions of 3 wayside panels I worked on this summer at Devils Postpile National Park.  They turned out really good so I am doing this unscheduled post to show them off. I’ve  also added them to my cargo collective portfolio and my brand new behance page. If you haven’t seen either of those before you should check them out since they have most of my best work.

NPS UG WE Grid 36x48

NPS UG WE Grid 36x48 NPS UG WE Grid 36x48

NPS Update

Hey everyone,

I’m about a month into my internship at Devils Postpile and I finally have some stuff to show off. I just finished a video that talks about a huge windstorm that occurred in November 2011 which you can find here (we are working on making a youtube channel ASAP to get some sweet, sweet high def going):


In addition to the video today happens to be National Get Outdoors Day so I made a poster:

So spread the love and get off your computers!

Office Life and an Eclipse

I love working for the national government.  Every once in a while something lands on my desk and I realize it was probably designed before my father was born.

If anyone recognizes this and knows what type they are using here please tell me because I love it.

I’m sure everyone has seen enough eclipse photos to last them for the next 18 years, but I wanted to show off how us snowboarders decided to watch it when we realized we forgot to buy welding goggles.

That would be 3 pairs of goggles and a pair of sunglasses and I think 3 of the lenses were polarized.  Also yes it worked, so no, none of us went blind.

The National Park Service

This week I’d like to try a little experiment about branding and design.  I want to hear what you guys think of when someone mentions the National Park Service.  It can be anything, feel free to go nuts, but please try not to look up anything on the internet before you respond.

Living in 1997

Hi everyone.  I just finished my first week up in mammoth working for devils postpile national monument.  I found out getting a reliable internet connection in town is no small feat, so blog posts will continue to be unscheduled until further notice.  Right now the plan is to at least hike down to a coffee shop and put together an update when I start to finish projects.  I do have my computer so I can still do freelance work and since my phone has email you can contanct me easily.

Thanks for reading,