As you may have noticed, there was no Thursday blog update.  I had a job interview up in Santa Barbara so I was busy prepping and driving.  Anyway to the poster:

As you can see I went in a very different direction for my treatment of the Disney movie Wall-E.  Being that the movie is much newer than the others in this set I thought it would be fun to take the poster in a different direction.  After I finished the composition I decided to make it resemble and iphone app instead of distressing it or aging it.  I think it really compliments the second portion of the movie, which is my subject matter (still desperately holding on the that no earth rule).

As always, thanks for looking and suggestions are welcome.

I Can’t Do That Dave

A new week (after an extended weekend) means a new travel poster.  For this installment I went to Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 classic 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Something people may not know is that 2001 was also a book by Arthur C Clarke written in parallel to Kubrick making the film as a companion piece.  This is the first time I know of where a book has been written in such a way and Clarke is certainly the most high-profile author I’ve ever hear of to do something like it.  If you haven’t seen the movie it is basically required viewing at this point.  It is a long, slowly paced movie but absolutely worth it.  The attention to detail in creating a realistic future has been almost unmatched in the 45 years since it debuted and the special effects hold up really well.  I also highly suggest reading the novel.  In many ways it was easier to get through than the movie, went into a lot more depth on HAL’s motivations and the ending was much more obvious to the reader than the movie goer.

In keeping with the “no earth” rule I am attempting to hold as long as I can, I decided to focus on the SS Discovery One, the ship where most of the plot occurs and where 2001’s antagonist HAL 9000 became a pop-culture icon.  I may be pushing my luck with the gradient overlay but I’m happy with how it turned out, representing both Jupiter and HAL simultaneously.  I used the same bold Futura font Kubrick was fond of and used on posters during the original release.

I still haven’t standardized the fine print since each poster’s layout is different.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

Chris Tucker was way ahead of his time

It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend so today’s poster is a step away from the somber tone of the last two.  It also happens to be related to one of the best Sci-Fi movies in recent history. I’m of course referring to Luc Besson‘s The Fifth Element staring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, Milla Jovovich, and Chris Tucker in what I’m starting to believe was the performance of a lifetime.

This sci-fi action epic has everything you want in a movie, fantastic locations, awesome villains, stuff blowing up all over the place, aliens and an “end of the universe as we know it” plot line.  In addition to the great visual aesthetics The Fifth Element contains a plot device very rarely, if ever, used.  Throughout the entire movie the main protagonist and (arguably) the main antagonistic never meet or even see each other.  Now that you’ve scooped you brain off the walls let’s get to the poster.

I went with bright colors and a skinny font that reminded me of old Pan Am posters for Hawaii.  In the movie you don’t really see the planet so I decided to just stick to the ship floating over the sea at sunset.

Thanks for looking, hopefully I can keep this schedule up.

PS Next time you make ramen only use half a packet, then add a little teriyaki sauce and the usual amount of sriracha.  It is so good.

In Space…

For the past week it seems everywhere I turn I see Alien references.  Between film blogs, Prometheus previews and Valentine’s Day those acid filled monsters are everywhere.  It makes a lot of sense that I should post my Alien travel poster, dubbed “LV 426”, here today.

In case you are either in the dark, Alien was a movie made by Ridley Scott in 1979.   Alien was initially pitched as “Jaws in space” and was largely ignored until Star Wars brought Science Fiction to the mainstream in 1977.  The movie, like Jaws, stands the test of time for many unique characteristics.  It has top of the line practical effects, an iconic claustrophobic environment, a strong female lead, beautifully dark sets and monsters from the mind of H.R. Giger, and one of the most memorable scenes in movie history.  If you don’t believe me just take a look at the original trailer, it’s still better than most stuff that is put out today:

Back to my poster.  I decided the best way for this to fit with the other pieces in the set so far was to go off the panning shot of the derelict alien ship the crew finds on planet LV 426.  I wanted it to be ominous but not obviously horrible, after all this is a travel poster and if you know anything about Aliens they were definitely trying to get people to go there.  This definitely has a different tone then the previous 4 but the setting is equally different.  It’s also the first time I used a gradient in any of these pieces, which was something I was trying to avoid using but the part of the shot is the eerie light emanating from the ship and a radial gradient was a nice way to imitate that.  As always, your comments are welcome and thank you for taking a look.

An Experiment in Regularity

Last Thursday I talked about a little personal project I had in the works.  I had so much fun making those 3 Star Wars themed travel posters I decided to make more. My goal here is to post one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday along with and explanation of the movie reference, stylistic inspiration and whatever else I feel like talking about.  I’m not sure how long I can keep this up but so far my only goal is to stay away from Earth movies as long as I can.

For this first installment I thought to myself, where can you go from Star Wars.  It’s pretty hard to beat the combination of popularity, nostalgia and geekdom found in Lucas’s baby all at the same time.  I decided to go big and pick the next largest Sci Fi epic I could think of.

If you have not read Dune or at least watched the tv-miniseries you are missing out on one of the best science fiction / space opera stories ever made.  Frank Herbert was nearly Tolkien (think all the structure with less singing and easier names) in his efforts to create a full realized setting.  The story is full of action, drama, revenge, politics and giant terrifying sand worms.  For the poster I decided I wanted something that alluded to those giant sand worms but didn’t actually show them.  While I didn’t mean to capture a specific scene in the book, there is a moment where the anticipation in the moments right before a worm emerges that is excellent.  For visual style I chose textures that make the composition look dried out but not sun bleached and a font that was reminiscent of  Mojave desert relics, diners and truck stops that lay long abandoned.

Thanks everyone for looking,

I’m excited to try this again on Wednesday.

Big Messy Delicious Update

I realize last weeks post was fairly lacking so I’m going to try to make up for it this week with a buttload of art and some words.

Work Update

Freelance work often takes you in interesting directions.  Lately a lot of my stuff seems to be Star Wars based.  Between shirt ideas and custom birthday presents Lucas’s movies seem to be following me.  The later of those two lead me to make 3 pieces this week.  I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with them but I’m really happy with how they turned out:

I was inspired by 30s and 40 era travel posters.  As always I’d love to hear feedback in the comments section or by email.

Life Update

On January 13th Gallery 1988, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in LA, opened a show with art inspired by Cartoon Networks Adult Swim.  Alex and I decided to go to the opening and were surprised to find getting their on time was way too late.  There was a line half way down the block to get into the small shop on Melrose.  Our tardiness meant I missed out on and awesome Olly Moss poster but we made our presence known and I did pick up this great Shallow Gravy piece by Kevin Tong:

I also neglected to mention I saw NOFX on January 17th at the House of Blues on Sunset.  I neglected to mention it in my blog because I was too excited about my store up and I just finished my biggest freelance project to date.  Anyway the show was all you could ever want out of a NOFX show.  There was drunken buffoonery, drug use, fighting, and that was just the band.  They played a great set which included a collaboration with Old Man Markley and The Decline in full.  If you’ve never heard of the decline stop reading this right now, click on that link I just put in the last sentence and experience something unique in punk rock.  The Decline is a 20 minute opus touching on themes of ambivalence, corruption, violence and intolerance all under the umbrella of the decline of American Culture.  I always hoped I’d get to see them play it live at some point so the concert went from a fun show to something truly special.

Now that you are back up to date, I don’t really have much to talk about this week.  Alex and I went to Mammoth Mountain to shred some gnar. It was the first real snow of the year which is always exciting but it was nothing crazy in the grand scheme of things.  I had a chance to ski with Luke and Skip Wintter who are always fun to see.  We went to the Mammoth Brewing Company and sampled their beers. We stayed with the UCSB alpine team who are always fun to hang out with, Alex made a bunch of friends with the UCLA team. Overall it a was a great adventure.

Beer Update

As you may have noticed I am really plugging in to this whole personal website, blog, social networking thing.  It was inevitable that Me, Alex and my two friends would always drunkenly talk about starting vlogs and podcasts would eventually actually make something.  Last week we finally put pixels to monitor in what will hopefully be a weekly beer review.  Basically we drink and write at the same time.  It’s almost entirely unfiltered, tons of fun, and I’m excited to see how it progresses.   Check out our blog “Beer Me” at