Woot Derby 379

I need to get more consistent in posting these.



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Freelance – FUMA Football Mania

Final Gold Jpeg


Tonight I was scanning through my design folder and I remembered this freelance job I did 9 long months ago. I looked them up and it appears the succeeded in launching their app and page. It’s always nice to see that my ideas are still being used and that they are pursuing their goals.

This was my first project using oDesk, which is a lovely platform, but suffers from a glut of potential supply, causing me to loose interest instead of fight the horde. I really did enjoy working for these guys though.

Hello Everybody


It’s been far too long since I posted here. I know all 7 of you that read this were worried about me.

1. I got a job!

I’m working as a graphic designer/videographer/web content manager/social media strategist/digital media specialist/whatever else they throw at me for a media and publishing company in Hermosa Beach specializing in high end real estate in the south bay called Southbay Digs.

2. I moved in with my girlfriend


3. I found out about Tumblr

That shit is addictive

4.  Hats

It’s Team Fortress season

5. Did I mention I got a job? I’m like super pumped about that.

I’m also still available for freelance work.

Week 39 – Boom

Week 37 Challenge: Design a Youtube background!

This challenge is very open, you can be as creative as you want, but there’s a couple of things you need to think of.

The size is 1500px*1200px using this template [1] , however not all users will be able to see the full width. So you cannot use the full width for important aspects of your design, since many users will not see it.

Examples of good backgrounds:

Go look for some yourself too! Keep in mind many people make these backgrounds for fun, so we should step up a notch and make something that works.


I decided to make a background for a channel that focuses on videos of explosions. It also continues to incorporate the social media buttons I put together in Week 30.

Resume Update

Being a graphic designer the resume is a constant source of trouble for me. I’m torn between creating a flashy resume that hints at my design aesthetic and one the HR rep will actually keep.  I recently updated mine, changing the layout to better show my expanding work experience and making it more in line with a normal resume so it doesn’t get trashed on a gut reaction.


I’d love to hear your thoughts/critiques.

Week 35 – To Do List


This week’s challenge is to design a calendar widget. It may be for any platform (Think: Android widget / Windows 8 Panel / Windows 7 “Widget” etc) and may have any theme you wish. You can make it so that it displays a month, or a week, or it displays the upcoming appointments etc.

Here is some inspiration:

Screen 1-01-01

I’m terrible at using the calendar on my phone, so I chose a mobile setting for the challenge this week. I do really like making lists and especially like seeing as much info as possible like you typically would on a whiteboard. So with those things in mind I started mocking up a mobile weekly calendar. While it doesn’t harness the chaos and potential scannability of a huge whiteboard, I like the idea of being able to flip day to day and have on going stuff always there so you don’t forget about it.

What Ever Happened To “5 on Fridays”

The tens of thousands you that read this blog clamored for an answer, so here it is. I started posting links to designs and inspirational works on Fridays as a way to show readers what I like and where I get my influences.  Over the past few weeks I noticed less and less people were checking those links out and Friday posts less popular than original content.  Because of that, and because I finally started using tumblr regularly, I’m cutting the blog back to only original work. If you are still interested in what I find interesting, engaging, inspiring and funny on the internet follow my tumblr.

Here’s a preview of the kind of high quality content you’ll find:


As always thanks for reading and keep on the lookout for updates in the coming weeks.