Freelance – FUMA Football Mania

Final Gold Jpeg

Tonight I was scanning through my design folder and I remembered this freelance job I did 9 long months ago. I looked them up and it appears the succeeded in launching their app and page. It’s always nice to see that my ideas are still being used and that they are pursuing their goals.

This was my first project using oDesk, which is a lovely platform, but suffers from a glut of potential supply, causing me to loose interest instead of fight the horde. I really did enjoy working for these guys though.

52 Weeks of Design: Week 13

Task: This weeks challenge is to produce a redesign prototype for this subreddit’s header. This includes the Reddit logo, this subreddit’s logo/name, the navigation and the user’s information and controls.

The most liked submission will be used as the subreddit’s style for the foreseeable future. Whether or not a submission is liked will be decided on the posts comments. Not the amount of upvotes it receives.

This is the first header I came up with, playing on the idea of a design subreddit:

I wanted something clean and something that the people participating probably look at constantly.  Guides are fundamental to design  so I gridded the crap out of an otherwise normal header to partially show the background work that goes into even the simplest design.